Where To Buy Cameras & Take Photos in Perth

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Anyone that is hoping to learn about where you can buy cameras and take photos in Perth has come to the right place. Those topics are just the beginning as we have plenty of other related things to get into as the post moves forward.

There probably isn’t a better way for us to begin than with the best local photographers for those who need wedding pictures, graduation pictures, or who just want to capture memories at any special event. Then you can read about photo printing shops where you should be able to develop and print passport photos, brochures, marketing materials or anything and we will discuss photography studios in your area too.

Some reading this might be interested in taking photography classes in Perth or maybe you just want to know about places to buy cameras and some repair shops which should sell all the new lenses, cleaning supplies, covers, stands, or other equipment and accessories you might desire.

Places to take beautiful selfies near you will get a shout out before other loosely related subjects like camera phones and security cameras. We will do our best put the right shops in the right lists but since many of these topics are quite correlated some crossover between the lists should be expected.

Be sure to check out the map at the end which can help you figure out where all the places we list are located. To read more posts on taking selfies around Australia check out that link.

Local Photographers

You can find a photographer for a wedding, graduation, or other special event by contacting:

Wedding, event, and portrait photography are all services offered by Kate Drennan Photography. Medhat Moftah of Prophoto has been photographing weddings near you for over 25 years.

EJ Creative Photography has over ten years of experience photographing weddings, portraits, and videography using professional Canon cinema cameras and top-tier lenses as well as professional audio recording equipment.

Wedding, events, portrait, commercial, family, and bridal hair photography are all offered by Ammon Creative Photography. Mitch & Tijana Wedding Photography are a wedding photography and videography duo in your area.

Simone offers photographic services for engagements, weddings, portraits, babies, families, and pets. Piotrek Ziolkowski is a wedding photographer who photographs 30 to 35 weddings every year as well as fashion, portraiture, documentary, event, and product photography.

Simone Harris Photography is a multi-award-winning local wedding photographer with over 20 years of expertise.

Photo Printing

You can get all kinds of photos printed at places like:

Each of the above is a good option for photo printing near you. They should be able to provide color or black and white pictures and they can probably put them on just about anything you want.

Whether you need developing and printing for passport photos, brochures, pamphlets, books, wall graphics, posters, digital prints, real estate advertisements, other marketing materials, or just about anything they can probably handle it. They should also be able to assist with scanning, restorations, enlargements, processing, digital repairs, and more.

If you have any specific photo printing needs we suggest you look through those links and find a place that offers exactly what you want.

Studios For Rent

Rent photography studio space at one of these spots if you have serious matters to attend to:

For almost ten years Good Life Portraits has been a part of the photography industry providing a place where customers can come to build and celebrate their lives the way they want them to be lived. Huzzard Studios is home to a thriving community of photographers, makeup artists, models, fashion designers, stylists, hairstylists, and other creative professionals.

The studio offers a variety of areas including enormous white cycloramas, varied backgrounds, and a full array of lighting equipment located in the heart of CBD. Image Portrait Studio provides the ideal portrait photography experience for stunning pictures with foundations of exceptional quality.

Premier Studio is a one-of-a-kind retreat for your family photographs designed as a private Hollywood style set with multiple outside sceneries. To capture your family images and designs they employ cutting-edge technology and highly skilled local photographers.

Cooper Studio is a group of skilled photographers who work out of a hip Melville studio and specialize in generating stunning pictures and one-of-a-kind artwork for clients just like you. They’ll photograph your entire family in the studio including your children, husbands, wives, and parents and will also take pictures of your lizard, bird, dog, cat, and even horse.

Fridays Studio Photographic Studio is a New York-style warehouse located on Old Aberdeen Place. Characterful white textured walls, polished concrete floors, and vast parts of exposed brickwork have been used to create a canvas for creativity. For serious studio photography and filming needs there are two main studio sections with Profoto lights as well as a massive L-shaped cyclorama.

Houndstooth Studio specializes in pet photography and business photography. Jason Tey Studios is an award-winning wedding storytellers’ boutique studio providing wedding and pre-wedding services.

Photography Classes

Get better by taking classes at a photography school in your area or get private lessons by contacting:

Garry from One Sky Photography has over ten years of experience as a professional photographer and provides a variety of courses including portrait, landscape, night, and family photography among others.

Venture Photography Workshops & Tours  specializes in workshops and tours that can take your photography to the next level with their tips and tricks. They are all about sharing their passion and teaching you how to improve your picture taking skills.

Camera Stores & Repair Shops In Perth

Take pictures your area Perth photography school near you

Visit one of these stores when you want to buy a new camera or get an old one repaired:

Camera Electronic’s fully-equipped repair facility provides service and repairs for all kinds of equipment including cameras, lenses, flashes, studio lights, tripods and supports, infrared conversions, sensors,  full cleans and other photographic items.

Camera House has been in business for almost 20 years representing brands such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, FujiFilm, Samsung, Ricoh, JVC, Sanyo, Tamron, Sigma, Lowepro, Bushnell, Manfrotto, Flip (Cisco), Kodak, Matin, and Joby.

Plaza Cameras was the first firm in Western Australia to establish a dedicated Digital Centre providing a battery and camera recycling service. If you recycle your cameras and batteries instead of throwing them away you’ll be one step closer to increasing Australia’s recycled electronics percentage.

For almost 30 years Leederville Cameras has been in the photographic profession and they only buy from authorised Australian dealers who provide a full local warranty. They offer a comprehensive choice of high-quality products from leading camera manufacturers such as Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, and others.

Team Digital has been offering leading brand products for more than 35 years selling Canon, Nikon, Pentax MF, and Sigma cameras.

Best Places For Selfies

Here is a list of great places to take beautiful selfies in your area:

  • Kings Park & Botanic Garden
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Hyde Park
  • Stirling Gardens

Yagan Square is one of Perth’s most popular community, gathering, and celebration spots located in the heart of the city’s CBD and inside the arms of the Horseshoe Bridge. Yagan Square is a place to have fun, meet, play, eat, and shop from a showcase of WA. It is more than just a transit area for the thousands of workers and residents connecting with public transportation or walking between the CBD and Northbridge.

Hyde Park surrounded by Vincent, Glendower, Throssell, and William Streets is a well-known park. Its lake is separated into two basins each with its own island. A breeding bird island can be found in each section of the lake. Weddings, birthday parties, picnics, and BBQs are all possible in Hyde Park.

You should be able to take beautiful photos near you at any of the above.

Where To Buy Camera Phones

The newest cell phones have some really nice cameras these days and you can pick one up at:

From the highest megapixel camera phones with the latest bluetooth technology to cheaper options for those on a budget you won’t have any problem finding what you need at those stores.

Security Cameras

You can either buy security cameras or get the services that go along with them at:

If you want to add security cameras to your property contact one of the above. You can also read more of our posts on:

Enjoy Taking Photos With Your New Camera

We hope that we did a decent job of covering the camera and photo scene near you. Whether you were hoping to learn about where to buy cameras, get them repaired, photographers for hire, printing, developing, studios, classes, places to take selfies, camera phones or security you read about it all.

If you read all the way to the end you might just know a little something about this local scene yourself. If that is the case please use the comments to tell us if we got anything wrong or to share your own tips.

Either way we hope you enjoy buying cameras and taking photos in Perth.

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