Where To Buy Cameras & Take Photos in San Francisco

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Over the next few minutes you will hopefully learn at least a little something about where to buy cameras and take photos in San Francisco. You will also read about everything we could think to include on the topic at hand.

We will start this off by listing some of the best local photographers for when you need wedding pictures, graduation pictures, or want to capture memories at any special events. After that where to go for photo printing whether you want to print something off your phone, get a passport photo, need digital marketing materials, or whatever will be discussed, and they will be followed up by photography studios.

You can always try to “develop your skills” by taking lessons at the best photography classes in your area, sorry, we really tried to hold that corny joke back but couldn’t. Even if there aren’t many left these days the best places to buy cameras and repair shops will also be discussed. You can expect them to also sell new lenses, cleaning supplies, covers, stands, and more equipment and accessories.

After all of that is out of the way it will finally be time to get you out of here with a list of places to take beautiful pictures in San Francisco, plus where you can buy some loosely related items like camera phones or security cameras. Some of the places we mention could definitely be in multiple lists but we will do our best to put the right shops in the right lists and let you know when a place can handle multiple needs.

You can also expect to find a map at the end of the post to help you figure out where all the places we list are located. All of our posts about photography near you around the Pacific Northwest are available at that link if you want to check them out.

Local Photographers

There is no better way to commemorate a wedding, graduation, or other special event then to have a great photographer in San Francisco capture the scene:

Sasha Photography has been specializing in wine country, hotel, and hall weddings for over 20 years. Both Loic Nicolas and IQ Photo provide exceptional services for local wedding photography and videography.

Eddie Hernandez has been mastering headshots, lifestyle, and branding photography for nearly 10 years with some projects featured in the New York Times, SFGate, WSJ, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC7 News, Salon, East Bay Express, Women’s Health Magazine, and AskMen.

Zoe Larkin Photography shoots intimate, candid, and authentic weddings. Elopement and intimate wedding photography and film packages near you are also offered by Rachel Levine.

Apollo Fotografie has been a Bay Area wedding photographer since 2009 with work featured in The Knot Magazine, Brides, Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Weddings, Today’s Bride SF Magazine, and more.

Todd Rafalovich has been in the wedding photography business for over two decades and provides excellent services.

Jen J Photography is an expert in family, children, motherhood, and lifestyle imagery with over 10 years of experience.

Another professional photographer with nearly a decade of experience whose work has been recognized in a variety of magazines and blogs is Erin Ashford.

High quality weddings, portraits, and branding photography are available at A Few Good Clicks.

Photo Printing

To get any kinds of photos printed, processed, or developed head to:

All of those options for photo printing in your area are good ones. Color or black-and-white images should be developed, and they should be able to put them on just about whatever you desire.

Anything from brochures and pamphlets to passport photos to books and posters can be developed and printed by these companies who should also be able to handle wall graphics, digital prints, real estate advertisements, and other marketing materials.

Most should also be able to assist with scanning, restorations, enlargements, processing, digital repairs, and more.

Studios For Better Pictures

Book some time at a photography studio in your area if you have serious matters to attend to:

Left Space offers four photography rental studios in San Francisco ranging in size from 900 to 3,800 square feet, a drive in studio, two overhead bounce flats, high ceilings, extensive common areas, and onsite lighting and grip equipment.

Full service daylight photo rental studios with three varied spaces, workstations, grip equipment, and more are available at LUX-SF.

Capitol Art provides two vast creative photography rental studios near you along with stylish event venues.

Photography Classes

Get better by taking classes at a San Francisco photography school or find an instructor who gives private lessons by contacting:

Camera Stores & Repair Shops In San Francisco

Take pictures your area San Francisco photography school near you

Visit one of these stores when you want to buy a new camera, rent one, or get repair work done:

Fireside Camera sells a wide selection of new and used photography equipment in your area from Canon, Leica, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Tamron, and many other brands.

Looking Glass Photo and Camera offers equipment and supplies for films as well as a darkroom for rent, trade in, prints, workshops, and more.

Best Places For Selfies

Here is a list of great places to take beautiful selfies in your area:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Washington Square
  • Coit Tower
  • Bernal Heights Park
  • Japanese Garden in San Mateo
  • Gamble Garden
  • Indian Rock Park
  • Rose Garden

Both the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park provide numerous opportunities for beautiful outdoor photoshoots near you.

Washington Square provides countless photo ops where sidewalk cafes, restaurants, a church, festivals, movie nights, and special events are offered all year.

Coit Tower offers panoramic views of the city and the bay as well as interiors with numerous fresco mural paintings.

Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, San Bruno Mountain, and the East Bay hills from Bernal Hill.

The Japanese Garden features a beautiful granite pagoda, a tea house, a koi pond, and a bamboo grove where beautiful selfies in your area can be taken.

Indian Rock Park showcases layers of outcropping, grass fields, and a small picnic area suitable for climbers and outdoor photoshoots.

Numerous local picture opportunities can be enjoyed at the Rose Garden where a stunning view of the area can be seen from a terraced amphitheater.

Where To Buy Camera Phones

The newest cell phones have some really nice high megapixel cameras these days and these stores should have what you need:

Security Cameras

You can either buy security cameras or get the services that go along with them at:

Some of you might also want to check out our posts on:

Enjoy Taking Photos With Your New Camera

We hope you learned a little something about cameras and photos in your area today. You read about all kinds of topics like where to buy cameras, get them repaired, photographers for hire, printing, developing, studios, classes, places to take selfies, camera phones or security.

Anyone that is still here probably has a solid grasp on the local photography scene themself. If so don’t be shy, tell us what we got wrong or share your own tips in the comments.

We hope you have fun buying cameras and taking photos in San Francisco.

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