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Over the next few minutes you will hopefully learn at least a little something about where to buy cameras and take photos in Portland. You will also read about everything we could think to include on the topic at hand.

We will start this off by listing some of the best local photographers for when you need wedding pictures, graduation pictures, or want to capture memories at any special events. After that where to go for photo printing whether you want to print something off your phone, get a passport photo, need digital marketing materials, or whatever will be discussed, and they will be followed up by photography studios.

You can always try to “develop your skills” by taking lessons at the best photography classes in your area, sorry, we really tried to hold that corny joke back but couldn’t. Even if there aren’t many left these days the best places to buy cameras and repair shops near you will also be discussed. You can expect them to also sell new lenses, cleaning supplies, covers, stands, and more equipment and accessories.

After all of that is out of the way it will finally be time to get you out of here with a list of places to take beautiful pictures, plus where you can buy some loosely related items like camera phones or security cameras. Some of the places we mention could definitely be in multiple lists but we will do our best to put the right shops in the right lists and let you know when a place can handle multiple needs.

You can also expect to find a map at the end of the post to help you figure out where all the Portland camera and photo places we list are located. For more on how and where to take great selfies in the Pacific Northwest you can check out that link.

Local Photographers

There is no better way to commemorate a wedding, graduation, or other special event then to have a great photographer near you capture the scene:

Catalina Jean is a good option for local wedding and elopement photography. For over 10 years Sean Carr has been a trusted fine art and wedding photographer.

Wedding, boudoir, portrait, engagement, and family photography near you are provided by Jessica Hill. Modern Art specializes in wedding photography and photojournalistic style shots.

Remembrance has documented thousands of weddings in PDX as well as portraits and engagements. High quality wedding, engagement, portrait, and tintype photography are also offered by Evrim Icoz.

For more than a decade Steele has been capturing love stories, weddings, and engagements. Lauryn Kay specializes in local wedding, couple, and maternity photography.

Wedding, engagement, and family photography are provided by Monkey Photography Design. Peekaboo has been an expert in boudoir photography for almost 10 years.

Photo Printing

To get any kinds of photos printed, processed, or developed head to:

All of those options for photo printing in your area are good ones. Color or black and white images should be developed, and they should be able to put them on just about whatever you desire.

Anything from brochures and pamphlets to passport photos to books and posters can be developed and printed by these companies who should also be able to handle wall graphics, digital prints, real estate advertisements, and other marketing materials. Most should also be able to assist with scanning, restorations, enlargements, processing, digital repairs, and more.

Studios For Better Pictures

Book some time at a photography studio in your area if you have serious matters to attend to:

Studio Northwest is an affordable fully equipped photography studio for rentals near you with a beautiful bright scenery. Their spaces are ideal for photographers, videographers and workshop hosts seeking great backdrops.

Boudoir and glam, product, and newborn photography are offered at Cobalt Studios. Beast Daylight has a 1,600 square meter space with tons of lighting options. Campbell Salgado has been offering on site family, couple, and portrait photography for almost 30 years.

The Vanity Portrait Studio specializes in magazine style portraits while Mintz Portrait Studio provides brochure, catalogue, commercial, business, concert, corporate, industrial, advertising, architectural, black and white photography, and much more. Family, newborn, business, brand, and portrait photography in Portland are also offered at Visual Impressions.

Photography Classes

Get better by taking classes at a Portland Or photography school or find an instructor who gives private lessons by contacting:

Many students have been taking the local photography classes at My Photo Instructor where adjusting image quality, white balance, exposures, filters, compositions, and camera functions are some of the focuses.

Students of all ages can take classes at The Multnomah Arts Center where courses in digital and analog photography including darkroom for teens and adults are also offered. Pixelegacy provides private and online instructions for Adobe Lightroom, cell phonography, basics, Google photos, Snapseed, and photography classes.

Portland Photo Tour offers hands on instruction for beginners and advanced hobbyists. Don’t forget about Advance’s photography classes from our PDX camera stores and repair shops list.

Camera Stores & Repair Shops In Portland

Take pictures your area Portland photography school near you

Visit one of these stores when you want to buy a new camera, rent one, or get repair work done:

Camera Solutions offers top quality DSLR, point and shoot, and mirrorless cameras as well as sensor cleaning, maintenance, repair, and rental services in your area.

Maintenance and repair services including calibration, cleaning, inspection, and testing for all types of photography equipment from brands like Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, and Yashica are available at Portland Camera Service.

Blue Moon provides optical printing, film permanence, scanning, and quality processing services and sells films, materials, photo equipment, and sundries.

For more than 30 years Advance Camera has been offering some of the best local repair and maintenance services as well as a wide variety of photographic equipment and gear. They also provide sensor cleaning, infrared conversion, lens calibration, and classes.

You can buy cameras and other products from 7artisans, Canon, Fujifilm, Laowa, Nikon, Olympus, Promaster, Sigma, Sony, Tokina, Tamron, and Viltrox at The Shutterbug.

Best Places For Selfies

Here is a list of great places to take beautiful selfies in your area:

  • Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden at 5801 SE 28th ave
  • Tom Mccall Waterfront Park at 98 SW Naito Pkwy
  • Washington Park at 4033 SW Canyon Rd
  • Portland Oregon White Stag Sign at 70 NW Couch St
  • Portland Japanese Garden at 611 SW Kingston Ave
  • Keller Fountain Park at SW 3rd Ave, SW Clay St
  • Leach Botanical Garden at 6704 SE 122nd Ave
  • Hoyt Arboretum at 4000 SW Fairview Blvd
  • Waterfront Renaissance Trail at 115 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver
  • Nadaka Nature Park & Garden at 17615 NE Glisan St, Gresham

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a unique 9.5 acre garden with an amazing collection of rare and hybrid rhododendrons, azaleas, and other ericaceous plants that make for some of the best places to take selfies near you. Tom McCall Waterfront Park measures up to 36.59 acres and has been open for the public to enjoy since 1978.

You can find a zoo, forestry, arboretum, children’s museum, rose and Japanese gardens, Amphitheatre, memorials, five cultural institutions, and beautiful spaces at Washington Park. Portland Oregon White Stag Sign is a symbol of iconic national history for the city and its citizenry and is listed in the national register of historic landmarks.

Portland Japanese Garden has been an attraction and a tranquil urban oasis since 1963. It encompasses gardens, meandering streams, authentic Japanese tea house, intimate walkways, and a whole lot of stunning spots to take pictures.

Keller Fountain Park was originally named Forecourt Fountain and Auditorium Forecourt in 1970. Many pedestrians and cyclists take local pictures at Waterfront Renaissance Trail where stores and eateries can also be found along the way.

Nadaka Nature Park and Garden features a soft surfaced loop trail and a magnificent nature based play area for children. Hoyt Arboretum is a place of beauty and serenity to take great pictures in your area and is home to 2,300 species of trees and shrubs from six continents.

Where To Buy Camera Phones

The newest cell phones have some really nice high megapixel cameras these days and these stores should have what you need:

From the highest megapixel camera phones with the latest bluetooth technology to cheaper options for those on a budget you won’t have any problem finding what you need at those stores.

Security Cameras

You can either buy security cameras or get the services that go along with them at:

Some of those will be good stores to buy security cameras in your area while others will take the next step and monitor what is going on.

Some of you might also want to check out our posts on:

Enjoy Taking Photos With Your New Camera

We hope you learned a little something about cameras and photos in your area today. You read about all kinds of topics like where to buy cameras, get them repaired, photographers for hire, printing, developing, studios, classes, places to take selfies, camera phones or security.

Anyone that is still here probably has a solid grasp on the local photography scene themself. If so don’t be shy, tell us what we got wrong or share your own tips in the comments.

We hope you have fun buying cameras and taking photos in Portland.

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